We have made nice trips with you to many sights of history in Kyrgyzstan, such as Tokmok city of 11th century and San Tash memorial from the times of Tamerlan. Today we will go further to the 1st century BC., because this is when Chinese history books mention this ancient city of Uzgen in Kyrgyzstan.

The city was one of the capitals of Karakhanids as well. The main Uzgen minaret and three well reserved mausoleums are the only heritage from that period of history. The city itself is pretty small in size and there live about 50 000 people. The majority of them are Uzbeks, Kyrgyz and Tajik nationalities.


Nowadays, the Uzgen city is famous for its special brown rice, which they grow there. It is said to be the best type of rice for the main dish of Uzbeks – Plov.


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