The Great Silk Road was incredibly long and taking a trip along it was exhausting. So here comes a question about how people spend nights in foreign countries, how did they relieve stress after long day on the way? Were there any hotels for travelers after all?

The hotels that we have now started existing back in those times and fortunately, some of them still remain in some places in the world. Ancient caravanserai Tash Rabat is one of those treasures that is hidden in Kyrgyzstan. Located in Naryn region of the country, Tash Rabat served as inn for tradespeople and travelers.

This Silk Road inn’s name literally means “Stone Door” because of the fact that it is made of limestone. Its walls reach over 20 meters in height. Tash Rabat was laid out as a maze of 30 rooms surrounding a large central domed room, the condition in which you’ll still find it today. It sits in the green folds of the area’s mountains as a majestic, commanding structure.

The original of Tash Rabat is shrouded in mystery. There’s debate as to which century it was actually built in. Most people believe it was first erected in the 15th century. One thing that people do agree on is that it was used as an inn for Silk Road travelers and caravans traveling from the Chuy and Fergana Valleys to Kashgar to protect them from the elements and marauders.

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