At the very province of Jalal Abad, where we explored the greatest walnut forest of the world, is another famous sight. It is visited by locals usually very often, because not everyone has an idea about that place.

So, that is the mineral water source of Jalal Abad. The water is really famous not only in the region, but also all over the country for its healing effects on human’s body, especially the digestive system. People go there not only to drink that water, but also to take so me treatment or peaceful rest in the recreational resorts and hospitals. They provide variety of baths with mineral water and special clay, which will renew the human’s body and heal from different illnesses.

So, now you also know about this wonder-water. Do not miss any chance of exploring it for yourself! Even if you cannot visit Jalal Abad, the bottled mineral water of it is available in many stores in other regions.

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