There is a reason for calling this city as the visit card of Uzbekistan. That is because Samarkand is more popular abroad than the country’s name itself!

This ancient city has the history of so many centuries, starting from the seventh century  B.C.. It has always been in the center of attention among variety of rulers, including Iranian Sogdians, Mongols, Temurids and so on.

The Chinese history shows that Samarkand was one of the most important routes of the Great Silk Road and there are some evidences, such as letters from Samarkand to China, to the relationships between those two great countries.

Samarkand’s effort to the development of culture, science and literature is also countless. The world’s most well-known scientists, scholars and poets lived and were motivated in this very center of civilization. They also left huge amount of heritage, which you can  see nowadays as well, in a very good condition!

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