Hello friends! It is very nice to see you again, here on the virtual tours! So, here is what I will be telling about in this article: a must-see place in beautiful Samarkand – the mausoleum of Shahi Zinda.

According to the history, everything started from the time when Kusam ibn Abbas, the cousin of prophet Muhammad (s.a.v.) came to this city with other Arabs. He was wounded hardly and was not able to survive. For his memory was built the first mausoleum in this huge complex of buildings. Because the ones, who were killed in the way of Lord, they are considered alive. This is why the mausoleum also got the name of “Shahi Zinda”, which means “Living King”.

During the rulings of Amir Temur, the most noble people were also buried in the same place with precious memorials built for them. Thus, Shahi Zinda got larger and larger, which looks like a separate small city.

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