Today I would like to share an interesting story about the tower of Burana that you read about in the last post. I just mentioned that it was situated in that ancient city of Tokmok, the capital of Karakhanid Empire. However, there is something more interesting that is worth to know about this beautiful tower.

According to some local legends in Kyrgyzstan, Burana was actually built just for one person – a young princess. The day when she was born, a fortune-teller came to the king and told that his precious little girl will die from a poisonous insect’s bite when she reaches the age of 18. Shocked by this, he hurriedly orders people to build the highest tower possible for the princess.

The beautiful tower was finished and poor princess started living there far away from the outer world, in order to protect herself. Unfortunately, one day, her servants brought her some grapes and there was that insect… The guess was right and young princess left the world…

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