Bibi Khanim is one of the most famous women in the history of not only Uzbek, but also the whole Central Asian nations. She was the lovely and well respected wife of the great leader, Amir Temur or Tamerlan. She was outstanding with her beauty and wisdom.

Just like the king, who built Tajmahal for his lovely wife, Tamerlan also dedicated one beautiful madrasah for this lady. Some sources say that the building was previously meant to be the mausoleum of Bibi Khanum’s mother. However, later it became known as madrasah and was given the name of Bibi Khanum.

The madrasah stood out with special materials and style from India. However, this masterpiece, which involved so much effort and art was ruined during natural disasters. In 1990s, during former Soviet Union, it was rebuilt and now you can enjoy its beautiful view.

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