No wonder that everyone knows about the Great Silk Road. It is the route that actually was the first step to future business relationship and cultural experiences between countires of the world from the third century B.C. until the 16th century. We can definitely call The Great Silk Road as one of the most significant achievements in the history of World civilization.

The most significant part of the road passed through the territories of Central Asia, including Kyrgyzstan. The most ancient city of the country Osh (3000 years old) can be the witness to that experience of long way and its historical events by its still existing eastern bazaars, caravansarays and mausoleums.

Another important city in Kyrgyzstan’s Silk Road history is Ozgon. It was known as Yu in Silk Road times. In the 10th century, Karakhanid Dynasty brought Islam to the Kyrgyz nation and Ozgon was the capital of the empire in the region. Three mausoleums and a minaret are all left from those days as historical heritage.

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