How does the trip to the ruins of an ancient city from 11th century, that once used to be the capital of some great empire sound? Exactly, it sounds intriguing and full of adventures. So what to wait for, let us get the travel going! Our destination is the city of Tokmok, which is located just an hour away from the capital of Kyrgyzstan, Bishkek city.

According to the historical scripts, Tokmok was the capital of the great Karakhanid empire in the south. They were really good at developing the cities and this is what they did with the empty lands of Tokmok. Unfortunately, the city was not able to remain whole till our days, however, you can still see the ruins of an ancient city on the area.

One and only memory from the empire is the tower of Burana. Its upper part was destroyed due to the natural disasters, but you can still have some idea of how the buildings looked like back then. You can  even go up the tower and observe a beautiful scenery of fields and mountains around.

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