Ski weekend in summer

Ski all year around? Yes, in Kyrgyzstan it is possible, even in summer!

In Kyrgyzstan you can enjoy all different kinds of skiing year round, from backcountry skiing to heli-skiing, available for experts and novice skiers.

Grandiose glaciers, ski slopes, magnificent mountain ranges, nomadic life and culture … Do you want to spend unforgettable skiing vacations in summer? Explore Tien-Shan mountains!




Khey Vahh!

Does this phrase sound familiar to you? I guess there is no need to translate such exclamations. From Eastern languages you will find that “Khey Vah” is used to describe the feeling of absolute joy. So, what does this have to do with tourism?

This is the origin of one city’s name, which is now called Khiva. Situated in the province of Kharezm, the city is the capital of the region. With its rich history, variety of historical buildings, Khiva was the first site in the World Heritage list from Uzbekistan. So, do not forget to include it in your must-explore list!

City in Show Business

Neither the song, nor the singer is the reason why I decided to share this video clip with you, friends. The only purpose here is to let you enjoy one of the best video tours around Bukhara!

Unlike typical pictures and other materials out there, this video includes perfect moments, the most interesting shots of Bukhara’s ancient beauty. So, check it out and enjoy the new places together!

Bukhara Live

With the great pleasure, excitement and love, I am all ready to invite you, guys to the best virtual tour to the city of wonders!

For those of you, who think the pictures are not enough and say that “Better see once than hearing twice”, this video guide sround beautiful Bukhara will be just perfect.

So, get ready to enjoy more masterpieces of architecture, the stories behind them and so many other details on the culture of Bukhara! I am sure that the citizens’ ability to keep the traditions of ancestors for this many years will surprise you as well, in the best way!



Our virtual tour today will also be the travel back in time. The place we are going to explore is perfect for those, who are romantic, lovers of history’s treasures and its stories behind. Good news, all of these qualities can be found in beautiful Bukhara…

Bukhara is one of the most famous destinations of Uzbekistan. It is a pretty ancient city with the age of more than two thousand years. It is not hard to tell at all that the city was the important point, the center of civilization so many years before, because its breathtakingly beautiful and majestic buildings still stand there with vigor despite that long period of time…

The city is also the craddle of the greatest scholars not only in the area, but also in the whole world. For instance, Imam Bukhari, one of the most respected Islamic scholars of all times, the author of a book, which is the second by importance after Qur’an, was also born in this city.

King of Stars


Before I start explaining what in the world it is in the picture, let me first tell you who it belongs to.

From the earlier posts, we mentioned about the dear grandson of Tamerlan, Mirzo Ulugbek. It is worth to note that the child from early years was in the center of attention. He received the best education from all around, including royal ethiques from the well-respected grandmother and science from the great teachers of Samarkand.

His love for science, especially astronomy was so big that the future scientist spent countles nights studying the stars million miles away. Now, the weird place with so many stairs in the picture is the observatory of Ulugbek, which still remains in the city, unfortunately just for the tourists to see…


Above is a special name of Bibi Khanym – the lovely wife of Tamerlan in Uzbekistan. It is sad that there are so few number of her portraits but anyways, I was able to find one of them.

The beautiful lady standing besides the young boy is that very legendary Bibi Khanym. So, how about the boy? He is one of the most famous grandsons of Tamerlan, Mirzo Ulugbek. He is known as a king, poet and the great scientist.

He was deeply interested in astrology and learned the outer space in his unique way. Where and how will be our next topic :) What I can only say now is that his works have been used for further advances in such science and therefore his name is said with a great respect!

Bibi Khanim

Bibi Khanim is one of the most famous women in the history of not only Uzbek, but also the whole Central Asian nations. She was the lovely and well respected wife of the great leader, Amir Temur or Tamerlan. She was outstanding with her beauty and wisdom.

Just like the king, who built Tajmahal for his lovely wife, Tamerlan also dedicated one beautiful madrasah for this lady. Some sources say that the building was previously meant to be the mausoleum of Bibi Khanum’s mother. However, later it became known as madrasah and was given the name of Bibi Khanum.

The madrasah stood out with special materials and style from India. However, this masterpiece, which involved so much effort and art was ruined during natural disasters. In 1990s, during former Soviet Union, it was rebuilt and now you can enjoy its beautiful view.

Downtown Samarkand

Today I would like to bring your attention to the very center of Samarkand city, the symbol of it – Registan Square. Consisted of three almost as duplicates buildings, Registan has been the center of all activities in this city since history.

The buildings were formally madrasahs, constructions of which were started in 15th century. The initiator of the first madrasah was Ulugbek, the great leader and one of the first scientists of astronomy in history. Madrasah, the Islamic institution, was full of students not only from the city itself, but also all over the world.

Later on the other buildings started serving as mosques. Nowadays, this square is a-must-see place for each tourist. Besides this, one of the biggest music festivals, called “Sharq Taronalari” (Eastern melodies) are also held here.

Living King

Hello friends! It is very nice to see you again, here on the virtual tours! So, here is what I will be telling about in this article: a must-see place in beautiful Samarkand – the mausoleum of Shahi Zinda.

According to the history, everything started from the time when Kusam ibn Abbas, the cousin of prophet Muhammad (s.a.v.) came to this city with other Arabs. He was wounded hardly and was not able to survive. For his memory was built the first mausoleum in this huge complex of buildings. Because the ones, who were killed in the way of Lord, they are considered alive. This is why the mausoleum also got the name of “Shahi Zinda”, which means “Living King”.

During the rulings of Amir Temur, the most noble people were also buried in the same place with precious memorials built for them. Thus, Shahi Zinda got larger and larger, which looks like a separate small city.