By the names of places in Kyrgyzstan, we can get pretty much information about the historical background of the country. What I am going to introduce you today is also called “San-Tash”. If you noticed, it is not the first time you see this word “tash”, is it? You probably already know what it means (“Stone”, in case you forgot), so what about “San”?

From Kyrgyz language, “san tash” is translated as “counting stone”. The place actually has nothing that exquisite as monuments or arts. All you can see is the huge amount of stones collected together. It will surprise you though, when you find out what those “counting stones” were used for.

One of the legends say that they were great Tamerlan’s stones for counting his soldiers! Really impressive, is it not?! Before leaving for one battle, Tamerlan told the soldiers to take one stone and gather up in one place and when they came back, each took one stone back. The remaining stones told how many soldiers were lost…

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