The ancient stoned hotel, about which we talked about last time, definitely leave people impressed at the level of knowledge those people had. If we look closer to the ancient civilizations, we will find that people were keen at not only constructions, but also other branches of arts, such as drawing. What surprises the most is that when there were neither pens nor paper, people still found the way to picture variety of moments of their lives! This was the very art of petroglyphs.

Cholpon Ata town of Issyk Kul region in Kyrgyzstan keep the big part of those stoned treasures at the open air museum. The stone paintings at the territory belong to the Bronze Age. These art galleries were first created by Andronic or Arian tribes (the middle II millennium – VIII century B.C.)  and included about a thousand petroglyphs. The Saka tribes (VIII-III centuries B.C.) were this rock painting and made big contribution to the art as well. The Saka’s had the unique style of art, called Saka-Scythian. This style mainly included the paintings of animals or process of hunting.

Such interesting the petroglyph museum is. It gives much visual information about the lifestyle of ancient people, their daily lives and values. This make the rock paintings the treasure of society.

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