Living King

Hello friends! It is very nice to see you again, here on the virtual tours! So, here is what I will be telling about in this article: a must-see place in beautiful Samarkand – the mausoleum of Shahi Zinda.

According to the history, everything started from the time when Kusam ibn Abbas, the cousin of prophet Muhammad (s.a.v.) came to this city with other Arabs. He was wounded hardly and was not able to survive. For his memory was built the first mausoleum in this huge complex of buildings. Because the ones, who were killed in the way of Lord, they are considered alive. This is why the mausoleum also got the name of “Shahi Zinda”, which means “Living King”.

During the rulings of Amir Temur, the most noble people were also buried in the same place with precious memorials built for them. Thus, Shahi Zinda got larger and larger, which looks like a separate small city.

Virtual tour Samarkand

Here is the moment, which many of you, hopefully, have been waiting for: to explore the ancient treasure of Uzbekistan after listening to its beautiful history.

It really is intriguing to think about its today’s condition, when the peers of Samarkand were destroyed centuries ago already. What happened with it today? Is it filled with ancient ruins or there is no memory left of them after modern reconstructions? The answer is brilliant: almost every single building and monument is still there and was even restored and beautified with modern techniques keeping its original view! Take a look at the video and enjoy!

Samarkand – Visit card of Uzbekistan

There is a reason for calling this city as the visit card of Uzbekistan. That is because Samarkand is more popular abroad than the country’s name itself!

This ancient city has the history of so many centuries, starting from the seventh century  B.C.. It has always been in the center of attention among variety of rulers, including Iranian Sogdians, Mongols, Temurids and so on.

The Chinese history shows that Samarkand was one of the most important routes of the Great Silk Road and there are some evidences, such as letters from Samarkand to China, to the relationships between those two great countries.

Samarkand’s effort to the development of culture, science and literature is also countless. The world’s most well-known scientists, scholars and poets lived and were motivated in this very center of civilization. They also left huge amount of heritage, which you can  see nowadays as well, in a very good condition!

Central Asian Star

Today I realized what they mean by saying “the Great” Silk Road… It is Great, both literally and in meaning of rich culture. The thing is, we spent so many months here in this blog talking only about its tiny part, Kyrgyzstan, and yet there are much more things not said yet!

I would like to make a little difference in our virtual tours this time and take you guys to another place, which is called the Pearl of Central Asia. This is the land, which grew the world’s brightest stars from history, greatest scholars, scientists such as Abu Ali ibn Sina, Abu Rayhon Biruniy and so on. Welcome to that precious land of Uzbekistan, friends!

Source of Health #2

Today we are going to discover another healthy tour in Kyrgyzstan. Just about a couple hours from the capital city, there is a salt mine, called Chon Tuz. However, people know that place not only as a salt mine, but also as one of the most interesting touristic spots and healing destination…

It is all clear with the touristic spot, since the hanging-from-above salt fossils in the caves make it really attracting. But how about healing effect?

As you see in the picture, there are even special beds for the patients, who come for treatments. The thing is, the scientists have found that spending some time in clean, quiet place, like caves will help the person feel better. If the cave is made of minerals and salts like Konorchek, then this is double luck!

Source of Health

At the very province of Jalal Abad, where we explored the greatest walnut forest of the world, is another famous sight. It is visited by locals usually very often, because not everyone has an idea about that place.

So, that is the mineral water source of Jalal Abad. The water is really famous not only in the region, but also all over the country for its healing effects on human’s body, especially the digestive system. People go there not only to drink that water, but also to take so me treatment or peaceful rest in the recreational resorts and hospitals. They provide variety of baths with mineral water and special clay, which will renew the human’s body and heal from different illnesses.

So, now you also know about this wonder-water. Do not miss any chance of exploring it for yourself! Even if you cannot visit Jalal Abad, the bottled mineral water of it is available in many stores in other regions.

Number 1 in the World!

Let us take a deep breath and start today’s adventure! The thing is, this trip takes so much energy and self control, because we will be going to explore the hugest walnut forest in the whole world! And the fact that it is located in one of smallest countries in the world may just blow your mind!

The forest is located in the province of Jalal Abad, right next to Osh. They call the region and the forest as Arslanbab. The trees there have so many centuries of history and yet they still give so much harvest to the locals to use and even export outside the country. Here comes an absurd: why do they call it the Greek walnut then, if the greatest origin is here in Kyrgyzstan!?

Osh Bazaar

For none of us it is a secret that one of the best ways of learning about a certain nation or region is visiting their markets. These are the places where you can see everything: starting from which kind of food the locals prefer and ending up with the style they stand out in their clothes. Not only that, you can also find out “the best friends” of th e region, according to the place and amount of imported goods!

Ancient bazaar in Osh city is also one of those places, which need to be in your “must-see” lists! Although there have been so many  changes and reconstructions around the city itself, you can still feel the atmosphere of real east, those times when those lines of that goodies were filled by Silkway’s enthusiastic tradespeople and the travelers from all around the world, trying to spread the piece of their beautiful culture to the locals…



The most ancient

Osh – the southern capital of Kyrgyzstan. The city is said to have been existing for 3000 years already. This is probably the most ancient city in the territory of Kyrgyzstan.

This hard-to-believe-fact can be proven by the ancient Chinese history and the scripts of them. There you may read about this nation of Kyrgyz and their city Osh.

In later history, the great king and poet of Uzbeks, who ruled in India – Zahiriddin Muhammad Bobur also praises the beauty of this city in his “Boburnoma”. The heritage he left on Sulaiman mountain of Osh – the White House still stands there on top, adding a special glory to the mountain.

You can walk in the bazaars of the city by the river and the smell of spices and goodies will make you feel that atmosphere of ancient times.

Here in this site you can take a look at more reviews and information about Osh:

Uzgen’s Star

I would like to ask your pardon and understanding for what I am going to write right now. The thing is, my post today may not give you anything related to traveling in Silk Road of Kyrgyzstan, but just introduce you to the special individual. He is from that very anceint Uzgen city and I just could not go on without mentioning him…

Who would have thought such a small and modest city of Uzgen could give the world another great astronaut – Solijon Sharipov! He is the pride of not only his city and country, but also the whole former Soviet Union and Russia. There is no one who is not familiar with this person.

Being born and growing up in a small town did not stop this amazing guy on his way to success and dreams. He was able to make it to the moon twice during his career and now giving lessons in Moscow’s University of Astronauts.