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  • Number 1 in the World!
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Number 1 in the World!

Let us take a deep breath and start today’s adventure! The thing is, this trip takes so much energy and self control, because we will be going to explore the hugest walnut forest in the whole world! And the fact that it is located in one of smallest countries in the world may just blow… Read More

Osh Bazaar

For none of us it is a secret that one of the best ways of learning about a certain nation or region is visiting their markets. These are the places where you can see everything: starting from which kind of food the locals prefer and ending up with the style they stand out in their… Read More

The most ancient


Osh – the southern capital of Kyrgyzstan. The city is said to have been existing for 3000 years already. This is probably the most ancient city in the territory of Kyrgyzstan. This hard-to-believe-fact can be proven by the ancient Chinese history and the scripts of them. There you may read about this nation of Kyrgyz… Read More

Uzgen’s Star


I would like to ask your pardon and understanding for what I am going to write right now. The thing is, my post today may not give you anything related to traveling in Silk Road of Kyrgyzstan, but just introduce you to the special individual. He is from that very anceint Uzgen city and I… Read More

Uzgen City


We have made nice trips with you to many sights of history in Kyrgyzstan, such as Tokmok city of 11th century and San Tash memorial from the times of Tamerlan. Today we will go further to the 1st century BC., because this is when Chinese history books mention this ancient city of Uzgen in Kyrgyzstan.… Read More

Live the Kyrgyz way!


If you are planning a trip to this land of wonders, there is something you should keep in mind – you can get much more than you can imagine out of these places. What I mean is, you can not only learn about the country and history, but also live it! And this can be… Read More

Another “Tash”…


By the names of places in Kyrgyzstan, we can get pretty much information about the historical background of the country. What I am going to introduce you today is also called “San-Tash”. If you noticed, it is not the first time you see this word “tash”, is it? You probably already know what it means… Read More



We have not yet finished the tour around ancient Tokmok city, although it seems pretty small to us. The heritage arounf the city is big enough to even write a nice book. Last time our talk was about beautiful Burana tower and now we will take a look at the territory around it. Right next… Read More

Burana’s Mystery

Today I would like to share an interesting story about the tower of Burana that you read about in the last post. I just mentioned that it was situated in that ancient city of Tokmok, the capital of Karakhanid Empire. However, there is something more interesting that is worth to know about this beautiful tower.… Read More

Back to 11th century

How does the trip to the ruins of an ancient city from 11th century, that once used to be the capital of some great empire sound? Exactly, it sounds intriguing and full of adventures. So what to wait for, let us get the travel going! Our destination is the city of Tokmok, which is located just… Read More